Bringer on Good Day Tulsa

Recorded live on 2/15/19

Musical state: Oklahoma musicians display depth of talent in 2016


Year after year, the breadth and depth of talent possessed by Oklahoma's musicians seems to be better than the last.

This year was no exception. Oklahomans poured their souls into songs that share their experience, that tell beautifully crafted stories and are just fun to hear. Narrowing down a list of the best is a tall order, but this list encompasses some of the top work produced in the state in 2016.

Hearing the sublime work on these albums is one of the brightest parts of 2016 and continues to excite what will come in 2017.

Bringer 'Black and Gold' 

I haven’t had this much fun listening to an album in a while. Tulsa-based Bringer perfectly captures its raucous live show atmosphere in this EP, one that should only be heard at top volume, probably driving fast. With Seth Park’s vocals and guitar, Jill Park’s bass and Charlie Spears’ drums, “Black & Gold” captures the joy and fun of rock ’n’ roll. If you ever have the chance to see Bringer live, don’t miss it. Listening to “Black & Gold” in the meantime can hold you over.

Photo by James Gibbard - The Tulsa World

Check out these great albums released so far this year 


It's like picking your favorite kid.

Narrowing down a list of some of the state's best new music from the first half of the year just shows what kind of talent Oklahoma produces. This is a solid list of talent that has me already looking forward to the surprises to come in the rest of the year.

Bringer, ‘Black & Gold’

Man, these guys and gal sure can rock. Formerly known as The Loaded Dice, Bringer went through a name change and emerged with a clear goal: to rock as smartly and as hard as it can while having the legal limit of fun. The six-song “Black & Gold” is an excellent album that catches you with Seth Park’s stinging vocals and guitar, Jill Park’s brutal bass and Charlie Spears’ savage drumming. I saw them at a recent show at The Yeti, each of them wearing quite revealing gold plastic (?) outfits that looked incredibly uncomfortable. It fit the show’s beach party theme, but like their music, it was genuine and fun. I’m looking forward to new work already, hopefully a few more than six songs to hold us over.

Ear to the Ground Music
Four Singles to Rock to
July 19, 2016

"Party Til I'm Dead"

...this song reminds us of a slow dance of yesterday with a bit of a kick into the future. The guitars are gritty and the vocals peak and dip, just like a classic Rolling Stones song. We love this band that released their EP in March in the midst of dozens of high-energy shows. You have to check them out.

The Dutch Guy blog
Turn it Up Tuesday
July 19, 2016

...combining The Black Keys’ grittiness and Kings Of Leon’s soulfulness, not only do they bring the best of both worlds, but will appeal to a wider audience!

Featuring song "The Flame".

From a Basement in Tulsa Interview
by Jason Ferguson

Formerly The Loaded Dice, BRINGER visited the studio to announce their rebranding and to give us a first listen to their new EP, Black & Gold.

We talked about the band forming, Seth wooing Jill with a Jack Johnson song, and their CandyLand band plan for the future!